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Fishing UK 3.633
We're pleased to announce that the latest iOS version has been released. ENH - refactored tacklebox section ENH - added home button to aid navigation Available in the app store now. https
Hanrox Fisheries
Hanrox Fisheries in Hertfordshire has just been added.
Fishing UK 3.631
We're pleased to announce that the latest iOS version has been released. ENH - added Fishing UK blog ENH - added push notifications Available in the app store now.
Eden Grange Fishery
I just added this venue, adding some photos soon. More new venues on the way...
anybody's from milton keynes
hello i'm a new fisherman and ,i want to now is anybody from mk , i have a lot of questions thanx
Anyone know good lochs must be free next to Dundee or close to Dundee and any good spots for sea fishing.
Info on croix Blanche France
Hi guys any info on croix Blanche France plz bait rigs any thing really
If I was you I'd take a look at the octbox they look strong and you can add on and turn it into a fishing trolley
Oh will they that sounds like a good idea thanks mate
If ur really no sure ur local tackle shop will do it for you
Should not be a problem . If worried check out YouTube .
Is it as easy as it looks loading line on a reel heard a lot of horror stories about line twist and don't wanna mess it up
RE: What reel
Thanks Liam and best luck fishing 2017 to ya both
RE: What reel
Good luck with your fishing in 2017
RE: What reel
You will really notice the difference. Don't forget if you need any advice on anything just post on here.
RE: What reel
Well I only started fishing this yr bit late at near on 40 but am loving it I been using a reel that cost a fiver and rod that cost a tenner so wanna get something a little better
RE: What reel
I love the red series rods so the reel must be good 😉
RE: What reel
Ok nice 1 thanks mate am useless with decisions lol ordering it now cheers
RE: What reel
Drennen without doubt, they have a much better build quality.
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