Fishing in Stirlingshire - Fisheries
Fishery Name Fishery Description
Carron Valley is a game venueCarron Valley
Denny, Stirlingshire FK6 5JL
900 plus acre reservoir stocked regularly with Rainbow trout and stock and wild browns. Boat fishing or bank fishing (waders recommended) from 3 miles of North bank.
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Swanswater is a game venueSwanswater
Swanswater Fishery Sauchieburn, Stirling FK7 9QB
Main Swanswater loch plus two smaller trout ponds, the Mill Pond and the Meadow Pond. Catch and keep only on Swanswater with catch and release on the small ponds with permission.
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Wellsfield Farm Trout Fishery is a game venueWellsfield Farm Trout Fishery
Three man made, spring fed ponds featuring Rainbow Trout from 2lb to double figures.
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Fishing in Stirlingshire - Lakes
Lake Name Lake Description
Culcreuch Castle Loch is a coarse venueCulcreuch Castle Loch
Fintry, Stirlingshire
One of the oldest continuously stocked carp waters in Scotland, with tench, roach, rudd, perch, eels and gudgeon.
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Loch Chon is a coarse venueLoch Chon
Nr. Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire
Holds pike, perch and brown trout. Bank fishing only.
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Loch Lomond is a coarse venueLoch Lomond
Loch Lomond
Famous for its pike this 26 mile long loch also holds large numbers of roach, plus bream, dace, gudgeon and powan. The southern half of the loch is best for coarse fishing. No permits required. Boats available.
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Loch Venachar is a coarse venueLoch Venachar
Nr. Callander, Stirlingshire
This attractive Trossachs loch holds pike and perch.
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Fishing in Stirlingshire - Ponds
Fishing in Stirlingshire - Rivers
River Name River Description
River Endrick is a coarse venueRiver Endrick
By Drymen, Stirlingshire
This slow moving river holds pike, perch, chub, dace, roach, gudgeon and bream as well as brown trout, salmon and sea trout.
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River Forth is a coarse venueRiver Forth
The shallow slow moving lower river holds good numbers of dace, also roach and perch. 40 pegs available.
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